Dinah Snipes Steveni, Paintings & Ceramics

Pet Portraits 12"x12", or 8"x8". Oil on prepared wood panel. Gallery ready.

Fees based on linear inches: 12+12 = 24 X $10 = $240.00

 Zip code/address determines postage to be paid, I ship via FedEx or UPS, USPS. A 12"x12" ready to send painting  weighs 1.5 lbs. I accept PayPal which is a secure system. Customer need not have a PP account.  Client queries regarding How PayPal Works are encouraged to visit PayPal site.

Client photos are great. Sometimes it's a beloved picture of a pet gone to the Rainbow Bridge which will be just fine.  But, if you're able to, select ones taken without flash; in focus eye level shots will provide best outcome. Stick a treat near the aperture; or ask someone to hold one near it.  You'll get a very focused, alert shot. Attached images in an email work fine. Otherwise, mail photos to me. I shall return them directly after I scan them. Do contact me if you've any questions. Happy to help.


403 South 7th Street

Mount Vernon, WA.

USA. 98274

(360) 336 6624

(WA State Residents pay tax)